Broken Saddle Riding Company Incorporated

Cerrillos, New Mexico
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What time are your rides? Ride times are seasonal. Weather permitting, we offer morning, afternoon, sunset and moonlight rides. All rides are by appointment. Both Private and Group rides are offered.
  2. Are there size or weight restrictions? Yes. We try to match the rider to the horse and the group. All riders must provide their height, weight and skill level at the time of booking. Weight limits vary depending on horse availability. We cannot accommodate riders who weigh more than 225 pounds (235 lbs during winter months)
  3. Do I have to be an experienced rider? No, but group rides are booked by skill level and beginning level riders will not be placed on intermediate or experienced level rides.
  4. What time should I show up for my ride? 30 minutes before your ride. During this time you will be asked to review and sign the Waiver and optional Helmet Waiver.
  5. Should I wear a helmet? Broken Saddle provides helmets for all riders. If you elect not to wear a helmet, you must sign a Helmet Waiver.
  6. How big are your groups? 5 riders per wrangler.
  7. Will you take children? We will take children who are 8 or older.
  8. May I bring a camera? Our rides are beautiful and we encourage people to bring small point and shoot type cameras that can be easily carried in one of our saddle bags. We discourage large expensive cameras that can get in the way and or be damaged.
  9. What should I wear? Layers are usually a good idea in the cooler months. If you wear a hat make sure it fits so that it will not fall off. Never wear shorts. Boots are fine but sneakers work great too. No one will be permitted to ride in sandals.

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